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Thorough application of Penetration Testing is the best means of ensuring that you are aware of your business’s IT weaknesses and vulnerabilities, and are able to secure them. The alternative is to wait until these vulnerabilities are discovered and taken advantage of by unauthorised parties, and then attempt to deal with whatever fallout may occur, be it financial, legal, or reputational.


The merit of any Penetration Testing relies on the thoroughness of the process and the quality of the team undertaking it. An amateurish approach to security has little chance of protecting against increasingly professional hackers. Our expert team of penetration testing specialists will examine and robustly test your current infrastructure to identify any areas of weakness.

The standard market approach is to engage a ‘red team’ focussing on security assessment via penetration testing, or alternatively, a ‘blue team’ concentrating on defending networks.


Cybreye’s innovation is to engage as a ‘purple team’ which combines the most exhaustive testing of vulnerabilities with a clear and achievable roadmap for remediation of any issues uncovered. This 'find and fix' approach ensures clients can rest easy that they are secure and protected at all times.


Identification of rules, management approval finalized and documented, and testing goals are set. The planning phase sets the groundwork for a successful penetration test.


Phase 1: Testing commences with information gathering and scanning. Network port and service identification is conducted to identify potential targets.


Phase 2: Vulnerability analysis, comparing the services, applications, and operating systems of scanned hosts against vulnerability databases (automated vulnerability scanner process) and the testers’ own knowledge of vulnerabilities.


Cybreye specialists execute a staged attack. If an attack is successful, the vulnerability is verified and safeguards are identified to mitigate the associated security exposure.


Cybreye’s clear, easy to understand reports detail all the security vulnerabilities within an infrastructure that can be exploited and how to resolve all threats found in testing.


In many cases, up to 80% of the risks to an IT environment can be mitigated by resolving a much smaller number of key vulnerabilities. Cybreye’s Remediation Report will identify these and prioritize a remediation strategy accordingly.





Cybreye tests for all exploitable vulnerabilities that could allow unauthorized access to key information assets. Through the application of rigorous methodologies, the use of automated scanning tools, customized proprietary scripts and manual techniques, we offer a roadmap to security and peace of mind.